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All seminars focus on three quintessential aspects of our modern corporate world: Business,- and Life Management, Self Development as well as emotional Well-Being and Health.

While based on philosophies developed over more than 25 years of critical observations in business, the seminars have one practical goal: providing solutions that are immediately actionable on all corporate levels.

In this context the seminars have the character of intense workshops that focus on listening, understanding, getting inspired and motivated to take action.

The core of all seminars is formed by a conscious human being that wants to structure his/her life more intelligently, but is forced to deal with a world that still believes suffering and sacrifice are the only way to further your career.






Based on his business bestseller Dr. Zyla in a witty and humorous way helps to create full awareness of the traps the Devil planted in the modern business world - and shows how intelligence, self-confidence and courage work together to help participants escape from those traps. Throughout the seminar "modern management" is critically evaluated. JRZyla shows how we can avoid unnecessary emotional conflicts and disturbing stress levels and re-inspire our careers.

The Smart-Life intense seminar is unique in Europe. It was created as a response to fascinating questions asked by top-executives about their own life-dynamics, a deep analysis of meaning and the power of self-expression. Dr. Zyla developed these seminars for people who are still fully involved in business yet do not feel comfortable anymore in their exposure to a mechanistically structured course of fate.


In this seminar Dr. Zyla together with Dr. med. Ehrenberger - a leading doctor of preventive medicine - show the largely unknown relationships between health, consciousness and personal management philosophy, and the interrelationship with our individual value systems. The seminar helps individual participants to recognise, where in life and in their personal relationship with issues of health and personal destiny, they really stand.

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