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Thousands of personal conversations with top executives across Europe show a common red thread that needs to be addressed with increasing urgency: Not only the desire but the absolute necessity to deal with the question of meaning in our current business world - both on a personal, individual level as well as on an overarching, institutional basis.

In too many cases has modern business become a downward spiral, often due to increased cost and performance pressures.

Lots of people in business, from top executives all the way down to regular employees, don’t see the sense of it all anymore.

As a result we are not only putting our emotional quality of life, but equally our physical and spiritual health at risk.

Solutions are not always easy to find, since we all have to ‘function' in the current system. But suffering and sitting it out clearly isn't a smart solution.

Especially for people who wish to maintain dignity and want to look after their lives. Can the situation be changed? Definitely, Yes!

JRZyla has been able to help executives across Europe in their quest for a better business life. Through books, downloads and seminars he offers a number of actionable, totally new and innovative, solutions. What makes these extraordinary is the fact that he sees through the eyes of a top executive, i.e. with a clear vision of what is realistically doable in the modern business world.


Dr. Joachim Rene Zyla


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n't watching the Devil created Business
When God wasn't watching the Devil created Business

A new cultbook in the field of management; already treated as best seller candidate in England! Witty, humorous and eye opening. A must read book for business people.

ISBN Nr: 978-19077940-0-1

Einladung auf den Jakobsweg
Einladung auf den Jakobsweg

The extraordinary pilgrimage of a CEO with his seventeen years old son. A meaningful, touchy, and motivating story (in German).

ISBN Nr: 978-3-9503037-1-1

Based on his business bestseller Dr. Zyla in a witty and humorous way helps to create full awareness of the traps the Devil planted in the modern business world. It shows how intelligence, self-confidence and courage work to help participants escape from those traps.
The Smart-Life intense seminar is unique in Europe. It was created as a response to fascinating questions asked by top-executives about their own life-dynamics, a deep analysis of meaning and the power of self-expression.
In this seminar Dr. Zyla together with Dr. med. Ehrenberger show the largely unknown relationships between health, consciousness and personal management philosophy, and the interrelationship with our individual value systems.

The adventurous pilgrimage of a CEO
„A remarkable experience, life changing!“


When God wasn't watching the Devil created Business
“A critical and merciless evaluation of our modern management"


Smart Mind
„Career without frustration and pain"

  So hard for the money
„How much emotional stress can money outweigh?“
  Best in class
„Be the No. 1 in life quality!“

A life well lived
“A happy business life!"

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