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Writing books for executives that not only satisfy intellectual demands but equally have emotional depth and open up totally new perspectives - that is my goal. All books are the results of many years of research and critical analysis, based on several thousands of structured management audits of senior executives, in more or less all industries of the western world.

Almost all of these executives shared the same goals: an improvement in their position, their personal life and emotional quality in business – as well as finding and implementing a larger vision of their own career path.

My books deal with the most important tools to achieve these goals: the use of intuitive knowledge, a developed consciousness about our own mission, limitations and potentials, as well as understanding the great responsibility we have for quality of our own lives.


All books and products can be directly purchased at the Management Lounge.


Und am 8. Tag erschuf der
When God wasn't watching the Devil created Business

A new cultbook in the field of management; already treated as best seller candidate in England! Witty, humorous and eye opening. A must read book for business people.

ISBN Nr: 978-19077940-0-1

Jakobsweg für Manager
Einladung auf den Jakobsweg

The extraordinary pilgrimage of a CEO with his seventeen years old son. A meaningful, touchy, and motivating story (in German).

ISBN Nr: 978-3-9503037-1-1

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