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Joachim Rene Zyla Ph. D., aged 55, is ranked amongst the most experienced European executives with a focus on senior management evaluation.

After MBA and PHD studies in Vienna, Paris and The Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts JRZyla worked for almost 12 years in the Investment Banking industry, starting at Credit Suisse First Boston Ltd. in London. In 1990 he moved into Management Consulting and in 1997 became CEO and key shareholder of Odgers Berndtson Central Europe (formally Ray & Berndtson CEE), the market leading Executive Search Company in the region.

In 2009 JRZyla merged his company with Heidrick & Struggles, the world's largest Leadership Advisory Business, where he still serves as a Partner, on a part time basis.

Through his work with leading international companies JRZyla has the advantage of having been able to study a large cross-section of corporate organizations of all sizes and industries from the inside. Those special insights allow him to take a witty, but equally critical look at the current state of affairs of our modern business life. JRZyla delivers “Knowledge Sharing” seminars for senior executives across Europe and in the fall of 2010 published three exceptional Management books: “When God wasn’t watching, the Devil created Business” in the UK and in Asia as well as “Einladung auf den Jakobsweg” and "Und am 8. Tag erschuf der Teufel das Business" in German speaking Europe.

Prior to joining CSFB in London Dr. Zyla held lectures at UCLA in Los Angeles and a keynote address at INSEAD in Fontainebleau.



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